Train Delays compensation

Train Delay Compensation

Our development team are working on an easy to use claim system for commuters and passengers using the UK rail network to claim compensation when your train has been delayed or cancelled.

Our aim is to make claiming for train delay compensation as easy as possible, with our system that could be as easy as a click of your mouse or a press of a button on your phone.

All train operating companies have a requirement as part of their charter to issues refunds if you have been delayed for longer than 30 minutes.

The general guideline is if you have been delay between 30 – 60 minutes then you will get 50% refund for the part of the journey that was delayed, 60 minutes and longer then you could be entitled to 100% refund

70% of passengers in a recent survey say that they never make a claim if they have been delayed, the reasons highlighted where due the lack of information on how and when you can claim a delay refund. The other major barrier was the lack of information on the whole process to submit a compensation claim to a train operating company

‘Train Delay Refund’ are looking to address this issue and develop a systems for all train operators to make it easier for passengers to submit a refund claim.

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