Train Delay Refund can help you get your compensation from all the UK train operators when your train has been delayed or your travel arrangements have been changed.

We look closely at the process of how to get your money back when your train has been delayed or cancelled and developed various applications to help you submit a claim with minimal fuss and as quickly as possible.

The team at Train Delay Refund have researched and gathered as much information from all the various train operators, with our ever growing experience we can pass the benefit onto you.

The train compensation process

Postal claims

Open up a free account

Enter your details which will be used to fill out all your forms

print and send

On-line Claims

form auto filled with your details

scan or photo your ticket

Premium Service

Specially useful when you don’t want to go through the process of posting a form

Pay a small fee

We do the rest, sit back and wait for your compensation to arrive