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Train Operating company – First Hull Trains

Refund Policy

Delays of over 30 minutes

50% of the cost of a single ticket or 50% of the cost of either portion of a return ticket

Delays of over 60 minutes

100% of the cost of a single ticket or 100% of the cost of either portion of a return ticket

On-Line Forms & Links

Refund Form

If you need assistance claiming then please contact us

We are not affiliated with Any Train Operating Companies in any way, this information is supplied to enable you to be better informed on how, when and where to make a Delay Repay compensation claim



David Sykes · September 29, 2015 at 8:59 pm

We travelled on the 14:47 London Kings Cross to Hull which arrived over 30 minutes at its final destination.
We were informed during the journey that we would be able to claim compensation as a result.
What they failed to tell us though was that your ticket had to be stamped as proof of journey.
By sheer coincidence your ticket inspector failed to appear during the course of the journey.
Call me a cynic but this appears to have been a deliberate oversight on the part of your staff to avoid any such compensation claim.
It wouild be good to hear your explanation for this omission!

    Kevin Upstill · October 2, 2015 at 5:36 am

    This didn’t sound right to me so I sent First Hull Trains an email asking the question:
    I have been told that to make a claim for a delay that my ticket has to be stamped by a guard on the train as proof of travel. Is this correct as it’s not always possible to get a stamp from a guard.

    This is the reply:
    Thank you for your email. Apologies too, for the inconvenience that may have been caused to you as a result of the disruption to your recent journey.

    First Hull Trains operates a compensation scheme through our Passengers Charter. To assist us with such applications we would kindly request that you send through your original travel tickets, along with your contact address, to the freepost address provided below. Alternatively please supply a scanned copy of your tickets along with your full postal address.

    Should you have any further queries with regard to the information herewith attached or should you require any further information from my side please do not hesitate contacting me.

    Kind regards

    Hull Trains Customer Services

    Please reply by email to

    or by post to

    Freepost RLYY-XSTG-YXCK
    First Hull Trains
    4th Floor
    Europa House
    184 Ferensway
    HU1 3UT

    Tel: 03456 769 905 Weekdays 09:00-17:00

    So on that information if would say that it is not necessary to have your ticket stamped, you just need proof of purchase which is the ticket.

      David Sykes · October 3, 2015 at 6:29 pm


      Thanks for following this matter up, but the reason for my cynical comment was due to the terms under which a refund for a delay would be paid.
      Hull Trains policy states in bold type the following statement ‘Where the refund is in respect of delays, your ticket must be stamped by the Train Manager to verify that you travelled on the affected service’.
      This would suggest that either the policy needs to be amended or the information you were given verbally was wrong.
      I hadn’t intended to make a claim at the time but was merely interested in understanding the process for future ocassions.
      However in view of the confusion as to whether I can claim a refund with an unstamped ticket, I will make a claim just to see whether it is accepted.
      I’ ll let you know if I am successful.

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