crosscountry-stormsIn the UK, if you train is delayed or cancelled for any reason then you maybe entitled to compensation. Each train operator has it’s own set of procedures for dealing with refund claims but they all have to offer some kind of compensation as part of their operating agreement. The process is explained in each of the

companies passenger charter.

If your train is delay for over 30 minutes then most companies will pay part compensation.. For longer delays over 1 hour then you could be entitled to claim for a full refund.

Although many of the delays are not the train operators fault but the network, network rail compensates the operators for any delay to their train service. So if you don’t claim the compensation due to a delay then the company will keep the money.

Claims are dealt with on a case by case basis and their are various circumstances that an operator will consider before issuing a refund so not all claims are successful.


As a minimum, if you are one hour late at your destination, you are entitled to:

  • Single ticket, or return ticket if both legs are delayed – 50% of the price paid
  • Return ticket with delay on outward or return journey – 50% of the price paid for the relevant part of the journey
  • Season Ticket – details of arrangements for Season Ticket holders are set out in each Train Company’s Passenger’s Charter